Laughs with Linda

“I’m having a writing block and thinking that a short hike over the Hollywood Sign might act as a creative laxative” -I wrote this as my status update today and my supermodely friend Linda Paice texted that she’d be interested in going along.

We had a great time and got some great pics. These are select samples. They are all taken with my Nokia Lumia 920 & edited with the Fhotoroom app.

1. Hollywood Conquered – this is the point of the hike for me. To climb to the top of Hollywood and beyond. Great perspective.

2. Break Rules – another reminder to think in new ways and understand that there is no “right” path in this biz. So I had her take a place w/ a perspective of being behind the sign and then flipping me off. Yeah, we get edgy with our art.

3. Need Better Signal – this is the tower area next to the Hollywood Sign. Linda left her phone in the car, so we had to borrow another hiker’s. He thought it was an awesome idea…and we thought he was really smart for thinking so.

So that was a sample of my day with supermodely Linda. Everyone should have a supermodel type friend who loves to do goofy pictures.

Venice Self-Esteem Building Vandalism

There’s something about Venice. Is it the eclectic beach or the swanky canals or the sight and sounds of the ocean? It might be all of those things, but if you look down you’ll see stencil painted messages like this on the sidewalks.