Toilet Humor

Vote For Best Caption

1. I wish this was the crappiest thing to park in this spot.
2. We treat guests like crap.
3. That car is a tank.
4. Flush & fill…or the other way around?
5. That is one crappy parking job.
6. Write in something funny!

“Bunnies” shoot

We shot a short film that co-starred two rabbits. Of course they are Hollywood bunnies so we needed stand-ins to set up the shots and prep the lights.

Have a Proud & Grateful Memorial Day

At the bottom of my street is the Sal Guarrielo Veterans Memorial Park. It is a daily reminder of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. On Memorial Day I pause for more than a reminder. I dedicate attention to being grateful as a citizen and proud as a former Marine. I am in awe of anyone who sacrificed with their life to give others a better life.