Cheers from San Diego at sunset.

Wonderful moment captured by Nokia Lumia 1020.

San Diego Snowstorm

They say that in never snows in San Diego, but I know otherwise. On my main blog you can see even more of this…with video, too! 🙂

San Diego Christmas in Pureview

Double (Theatre) Feature

I saw two really great plays this weekend. They frown on taking pictures during the performance, so I snapped the sets.

On Friday, I saw “The 8”, a dark comedy told in 8 monologues by Santa’s reindeer team. I was able to get a shot of the whole cast on the set, post-show.

On Saturday, I saw “Light Up The Sky”, a comedy set in the late 40’s. There was no post-show group shot, but the set was lovely, even in its vacancy.