Phonetographs Needs Help/Votes

This is a special blog posting for me, so I’ll get to it and then return this to it’s regularly scheduled blog.  🙂

I have entered an image from this blog into a photography contest with Nokia and I need get some votes.  This is a low-light photography contest and the first step is to get into the Top 50.  Right now, I need about 100 votes to get into that level. If you could please vote either with your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, it would help me out HUGE!  Thank you, in advance for any help (VOTES and spreading the word) that you might be able to lend.

I’d really like to get into the Top 50 because then they send each of those 50 a Lumia 925 and we have two weeks to make a portfolio with it.  Then they will pick winners, including the Top 3 prizes which includes a trip to New Zealand to shoot and have work displayed in a magazine.  It’s a pretty big deal and if I can get into the Top 50, it’s an even matched competition with everyone having the same equipment, so anything can happen.  Please click the following link and vote for “The Road Oft Travelled”